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    “OLD STUDS” was founded in Los Angeles by Jeff Fuller.
    He had worked on the wholesale of such vintage Levi’s from the late ’80s in the world
    The person was a wholesaler initially is through the exchanges with such as craftsmen, go so soon engaged in their own product making.
    Then, the OLD STUD HANDMADE (official name) is the first US leather accessories “Reproduction” workshop.
    Without change the production style handmade by even now one by one craftsman,
    And only continue to put out into the world product one point thing that flavor of the vintage that can not be taste By going through the years.
    Madonna and DiCaprio, received support from a number of celebrities such as Mick Jagger, while responsible for the OEM of top brands such as RALPH LAUREN,
    In the world, such as Ron Herman and Fred Segal has deployed in leading boutiques and select shops.


    “Surf and Motors” is a brand that was born in the United States in Los Angeles in 2015.
    It revolves around the apparel the surf culture and motorcycle culture in the brand concept was MIX.
    Commitment to Made in USA, with the keyword casual wear to wear an adult, is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan.
    Now is the most HOT brand to continue to increase the retail and handling store in the United States.