So that there is a word that once-in-a-lifetime chance, there are a variety of encounter in life.
Sintering beauty the edge in each other’s compassion and gratitude of the heart, it is born for the first time deep bond.
This is not in any way in the story of human relations only, applies to all of the things involved in life.
Holding a big aspirations in the chest, each other to thank each other encouragement help each other and a lot of fellow,
Is precisely to create a company that does not constantly day-to-day smile is where the aim of Tatsumiya International.


Company name
Tatsumiya International co.,ltd.
head office
531-0064 Kita-ku, Osaka Kokubunji 2-2-41 Tatsumiya BLDG.
TEL.(+81)6-6357-0088 FAX.(+81)6-6357-5088
Tokyo Branch
150-0022 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisuminami 2-16-6 Sanreminasu 101
TEL.(+81)3-3760-8800 FAX.(+81)3-3760-8801
Chairman Nobuo Ono
President and CEO Koji Ono
Director Masayo Ono
Director Rika Ono
Director Yu Ono
Auditors Takeshi Takemasa
Establishment, founded
April 1969 founding
March 1991 Established
Import and domestic wholesale sales of foreign-brand products
Operation of the web site
Planning the production of private brand products
Foreign brands of the agency business
Annual business
July 2019 life of  1,070 million yen
Main client
European countries, the United States other
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank heaven six branch / Ebisu branch
Mizuho Bank / Umeda branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / heaven six branches
Resona Bank / heaven six branches
Number of employees
15 people


April 1969
In Osaka, Naniwa-ku, Ebisu-cho, appliances, watches,
Personal founded Tatsumiya for the purpose of wholesale and retail trade of writer
April 1984
Transfer to Kita-ku, Osaka Naniwa-cho
August 1986
Start the import and domestic sales of overseas famous brand apparel goods and clothing
March 1990
With the development of business, and legal entity as a limited company Tatsumiya
October 1997
現在地(You are here moved to (Kita-ku, Osaka Kokubunji), and the distribution warehouse former headquarters Naniwa-cho
June 2007
Management sale starts at DNA shopping
February 2009
Management sale starts at Rakuten
April 2011
Management sales start at AMAZON
September 2014
Management sale started at Yahoo!
August 2015
Merger Corporation Tatsumiya Tokyo,
The trade name and the Corporation Tatsumiya International