About order

Focusing on parallel imports of branded goods on this site, we have been the your sale on the Internet.
Trader, of course, we can also do not hesitate to use the EC sites such as Rakuten. Please use the please feel free to our site.

Anyone can be purchased at this site?
First of all I have as a member registration (Please enter all required fields are), it will be available through our review.
Basically confirmation of “WEB site” and “net shop site” in our review, or make the confirmation of the “address, store name of the actual store.”
Please keep in mind that it can not be reviewed if you do not have any.
Do you charge for the use of the site?
Absolutely free. Please use with confidence because we do not also annual expenses.
Is it possible to apply also in the individual business owner?
It is possible if you have a WEB site and the net shop site or the actual store.
How soon it will be available from the member registration?
After membership registration, and because the admission procedure are available end gradually there is a reply to the registered e-mail address.
※ If you did not pass in our examination (such as the presence or absence of a check or a real shop of site) does not receive an email, you can not also be used.
Do you have support?
We accept questions by e-mail.

About payment

The payment method
Payment it has been three kinds of “bank” can “card payment” tighten payment “Paid”.
(Cards that can be used is limited to VISA · Master.)
※ With regard to the “bank”, so I am when you can not transfer within three business days from your order is without permission cancellation, please note. With regard to the “Paid” that Raccoon Corporation operated, there in is required membership registration.
If you have street examination of Raccoon Co., Ltd. will be able to use the “Paid”.